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Fetch Delivery is a service in Santa Fe, NM that allows you to get what you need from hundreds of local businesses including restaurants, cafes, food trucks, grocery stores, convenience stores, flower shops, dry cleaners, hardware and more…

Currently, we are operating in Santa Fe, Tesuque, and Eldorado, New Mexico. 

Select or search for your favorite business by category,  select or enter delivery items and the nearest Fetch driver will pick up from one or multiple locations.

Delivery Fee
Our delivery fee is $4.99 for the first 2 miles and $2.5 for each additional mile, plus a 5% tax and transaction fee.

Service Fee
Featured businesses, such as our Fetch Favorites, have reduced or no service fees. All other purchases include a service fee of 20% with a $4.99 minimum. If an order is an errand or does not include a menu item or product, the minimum service fee is $9.99.

Transaction Fee and Taxes
A 5% transaction fee and gross receipts tax is added to each order.

We have drivers in Santa Fe from 8am-10pm.

Anything you want from multiple locations as long as it’s legal. Alcohol delivery is coming soon.

Take us for a test drive

Try Fetch yourself to see what the buzz is all about. Enter the promo code FIRSTFETCH when you check out for $5 bucks off your first order.